Lesson 8

Lesson 8: 10th July 2019, 12.30-1.15 (Y5 x 14)

Lesson Objectives: Learn to read and write gamma, nu, pi and omega

Welcome, settle

Pupils sat in the same groups as the previous weeks.

  1. LESSON STARTER TASK: oimoi Basil! quiz [10]

DETAILS: I explained that I’d found a note in my study from Basil. He’s obviously practising his Greek (great!), but he’s not got it quite right. I gave the students in pairs a photocopy of Basil’s ‘note’ to correct.


OUTCOME: They accurately identified every answer as wrong and managed to almost match every one up to its correct translation. Νυν was a bit tricky as we only met it briefly last week but most pairs did it through process of elimination. At the end of the game I asked the class what Greek word they would use to describe Basil’s performance, and they all joined in with a cry of ‘oimoi!’

REFLECTION: They enjoyed going along with the fiction!

2. ACTIVITY: Read narrative p.20-21 [10]

DETAILS: We read the three gloss boxes first together out loud (repeating twice after me), then pupils volunteered to read Basil, Mikromus, Megamus. The students were given the option to read the word or to translate on the fly.

OUTCOME: Two students translated on the fly, one read the words. Some issue recalling μαλιστα for a few pupils. All the class knew who Pegasus was and were excited to see his name in Greek.

REFLECTION: I’ll build μαλιστα into the starter next week.

3. ACTIVITY: Crack the alphabet code (nu, gamma, pi, omega) [15]

DETAILS: I read through the Crack the Alphabet Code box letter by letter, with the class following to text. read (class follow). They then practiced each letter (lower and upper case) in turn on their whiteboards. We then wrote out the Greek words mentioned in the white box.

OUTCOME: Many pupils commented that the gamma was a bit like an alpha flipped around. Many students had heard of gamma rays. One student spontaneously asked about the phrase ‘alpha and omega’ (I explained with some Bible context).

REFLECTION: The learning of new letters (and the writing of letters in general) seems to be a favourite.

4. PLENARY: Exit tickets

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