Friends of the Frog

οί του βατραχου φιλοι είσιν:

Graham Hodgson (original illustrations)cropped-chapter-1-basil-thinking.png

A talented and award-winning artist based in South Shields, Graham created the original images of Basil and his friends for this book. He is a professional artist, illustrator, designer and tutor renowned for painting both watercolours and oils.        Facebook

1437a95d-00e0-4ee0-925f-c7133ad1007cCharlie Andrew (editor)

A graduate of UCL’s Department of Greek & Latin, Charlie Andrew worked as Training and Resources Manager at Classics For All, and also taught Latin and Classics part-time at Greig City Academy in Haringey. Before going into teaching, Charlie worked in the publishing and digital content industries, and uses this experience to develop and promote Classics-related classroom materials such as Maximum Classics. She takes a special interest in helping primary school children access Classics and develop a life-long love of the subject.

biog small soldier fishStephany Ungless (designer)

Stephany started off doing a degree in Classics at Trinity College, Cambridge. After a brief dip in the waters of classics teaching, she dived into the sea of publishing. She spent seven years at Penguin Books in the editorial department of the Buildings of England (Pevsner Guides) and the Pelican History of Art. The water in the Design department looked more inviting, so she retrained at the London School of Printing to become a typographic designer. Stephany has now worked swimmingly as a designer for many years, and a neat circle has brought her back to Classics via this project. Peter Jones MBE (project consultant)

A co-founder of Classics for All, Dr Peter Jones has been a driving force and advocate for the teaching of Classics in state schools for more than four decades. He has published widely on ancient language, culture and history, has for 27 years written a weekly ‘Ancient and Modern’ column (now in The Spectator) reflecting on how the ancient world might ‘talk’ to the modern, and is an adviser for the BBC History Magazine.

He was director of the project that produced the Reading Greek series, for which he was appointed MBE. His ‘Learn Latin’ and ‘Learn Ancient Greek’ columns from The Daily Telegraph are best-selling books.

Classics For All logo

Classics For All (publisher)

Classics For All raises funds to enable schools, many in areas of high deprivation, to study Latin, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation and Ancient Greek. The charity offers funding to both primary and secondary schools, often to launch classics for the first time.

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