Lesson 7

Lesson 7: 3rd July 2019, 12.30-1.15 (Y5 x 13)

Lesson Objectives: Recap previously-encountered letters and words, including recall of Greek words written in Greek letters, consolidate vocabulary knowledge.

Welcome, settle: Pupils sat in the same groups as the previous weeks.

1. Carry-over task from last week [10]

I gave the class some more time to work on their Word Wall pictures.

2. LESSON STARTER TASK: What Can You Remember? quiz [10]


  1. pou esti Basil? [in my bike helmet]
  2. What English word comes from symbolos?
  3. What Greek word gives us the English word biology?

  4. If I told you to akoue, what would I want you to do?

  5. Tis ei? – everyone will need to write some thing

  6. Oimoi! Basil is trying his hardest but hasn’t quite matched up these four words correctly to their English definitions. Can you help him?

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 18.25.56


Great accuracy, especially on the final task.

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3. ACTIVITY: Read through purple gloss box and narrative on p.19 [15]

DETAILS: We read through and repeated the words in the gloss box before volunteers read the narrative out loud.

OUTCOME: I focused in on the vocative use of ‘Megamu’ and explained how a vocative in Greek is often a shorter form of a name. We then practiced making our own names shorter, and called them out to each other to get each others’ attention.

REFLECTION: The pupils really enjoyed making vocatives of each others’ names. I also discovered that I’d been mis-calling a pupil called Luca ‘Lucas’ for the past six weeks!

4. PLENARY: Exit tickets

🙂11 😀8 😍2 😂0 😴0
🤨0 😔1 (tummy ache) 😳0 😱0

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